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LDS Principles and the 12-Steps: Step 7

Dec 11, 2019

Step 7 is a step that requires action after a period of thought and personal reflection, similar to step 3. In step 7, you must humbly ask God to remove your shortcomings. You prepared for this in step 6 when you became willing to allow God to do this, and in step 7 you follow through with your preparation. Often, steps 6 and 7 are worked on simultaneously as you prepare to give up portions of yourself and your old life to God. The necessity of a higher power to help you through these steps makes the 12-Step program an ideal pairing with LDS ideology. Learn more below!

Reaching Out

In order to succeed in asking God to remove your shortcomings, you must move beyond the isolation of addiction and reach out to a higher power. Step 5 helped to overcome some of this isolation as you spoke about your addiction in detail with God and with another human being. In step 7, you go beyond admitting the nature of your wrong and ask God to heal the portions of your soul that have become deficient throughout your addiction, or that were already deficient before your addiction began.

Removing Temptation

Simply asking God to remove your shortcomings will not be effective if you’re not willing to do what he asks you to do in the interest of change. Part of submitting to the will of God is being willing to take necessary action to overcome your addiction. In order to create a lifestyle where God can dwell with you and guide your life, you must take care to clean the house and remove those sources of temptation that led to addictive behaviors. Friends who are active in their addictions and exposure to addictive substances are two examples of triggers that lead to more addictive behavior. If you feel that you can continue recovery while still abiding these types of temptations, your pride may be getting the better of you, and you should refer back to step 6.

Exercising Humility

It takes a humble heart to turn over a battered, diseased spirit and body to God, and rely on faith that He can make you whole again. You must accept that you are unable to become whole without Him and ask Him to help you by removing your shortcomings. Humility is essential to understanding your own limitations. Humility will help you to understand the seriousness of your actions during your addiction, instead of downplaying the pain you’ve inflicted upon yourself and others. Humility is needed to recognize the work of a higher power in your life, and to show appreciation for His love and help.