Sexual Addiction Program

In addition to providing addiction recovery programs for alcohol and drug addiction, Renaissance Ranch also offers treatment for pornography and sexual addictions.

Battle With Addiction

Addiction is a disease, attacking the middle part of your brain and causing a loss of control over your decisions. It doesn’t matter whether the addiction is for alcohol, pornography, or something else, the effects it has on you are the same. It causes cravings for the things you know you don’t need even when you’re fully aware of the negative outcomes from indulging in these substances or behaviors. At Renaissance Ranch, our purpose is to help you on your journey to overcome excessive viewing of pornography, sexual addiction, and other unhealthy sexual behaviors. Our supportive staff and individual coaches will guide you through the recovery program. And most importantly, our safe and confidential environment will make you feel comfortable openly talking about your feelings, and confronting your unwanted urges and thoughts.

Spiritual Approach

Addiction affects every aspect of you and your being, not just your mind and body, but also your soul. We’ve added Gospel principles into our traditional treatment programs as part of our specific addiction recovery approach. This will help you completely turn your back on pornography and sexual addiction.