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Why You Should Trust God During Tough Times

Oct 17, 2022

Putting your trust in someone other than yourself can be difficult, especially during tough times. Do you know what else can be difficult? Tackling challenges and adversity alone. When you encounter hard times, it can be very tempting to isolate, lash out, assign blame, etc. You can probably think of a few more destructive actions or negative thought patterns from your personal experience. 

When it comes to tough times, battling addiction takes a spot at the top of the list. Addiction comes with a multitude of hardships, including financial difficulties, job loss, tension in relationships, personal loss, and the list goes on. As you decide to seek help for your addiction, you may come to realize that you have lost control. You may feel as though you have no control over your decisions, thoughts, actions, words, and overall, your life. 

This is where trusting God or a higher power comes in. When you feel as though all hope is lost and have reached rock bottom, you need to turn to someone more powerful than yourself to help you through your darkest times. You have come to terms with the fact that your addiction has become unmanageable and you are powerless. This is what Step One in the 12-Step process is all about, admitting your powerlessness. 

Step Two

God or a higher power is referenced a few times throughout the 12-Step process. There is great power and healing in having faith in God or a higher power throughout your recovery journey. Step Two refers to putting your faith and trust in a power greater than yourself. This requires you to diminish any false sense of control or ego that may be standing in the way. 

This greater power can be God, or whatever you may interpret your higher power to be. God or your higher power must motivate you to stay sober. You can find inspiration through prayer, meditation, or other means of connection. 

Step Three

Step Two focuses on finding hope and the potential for sobriety. You accepted and processed the fact that you are no longer in control, so now what? Next comes Step Three, which is more about action. 

Step Three refers to making the decision and taking steps toward receiving guidance, direction, and help from God. This can be easier said than done. After months, years, or even decades of doing things your way, it can be tough to put your faith in someone or something else. 

Why It Matters

Now that we have briefly discussed two of the Twelve Steps that concern trusting in God or a higher power, let’s discuss why this is so important. As you enter treatment and begin your journey to recovery, you may feel afraid, anxious, and a bit lost. This is common and can be expected as you come to terms with your addiction and need for help. 

The truth is that addiction takes away your control and power over your own life. The thought of going through detox, facing the consequences of your past choices and lifestyle with a sober mind, and taking steps to mend relationships can be scary. 

The great news is that you can find peace in knowing that God is in control. With this peace of mind, you can have confidence in moving forward and focusing on carving your new path. By trusting in God or a higher power to carry you through, you can put all of your focus and energy into making the most of your treatment experience. 

God also can offer companionship, a confidant if you will. During treatment and recovery, there will likely be times when you are feeling alone or isolated. God is always there to listen. Praying or spending time connecting with God or a higher power when you are feeling down can be very beneficial. 

There is something about verbally processing thoughts, feelings, or even fears that can help ease the burden a bit. Sometimes, you may not feel comfortable or ready to express certain things to your therapist or during group sessions, referred to at Renaissance Ranch as family education classes. Prayer can be a great way to begin the process of communicating these things and offers a safe, judgment-free opportunity to do so. 

Trusting God when you feel like there is nowhere else to turn can often change your whole perspective. God has a way of offering hope when you feel there is none. Trusting in Him is sometimes the only way to make it through the most difficult circumstances. When it comes to recovering from drug or alcohol addiction, God has your back. 

Trusting in God is beneficial all of the time. When it comes to difficult or trying times, putting your faith in God and trusting that He will help you get through it can be your best line of defense. Recovering from addiction requires acknowledging that you have lost control over your life and need guidance and help from a higher power in order to overcome your obstacles. At Renaissance Ranch, we use faith-based principles to help our clients grow spiritually and experience the benefit of a relationship with God. We believe in the healing power of God, and have seen Him work in major ways in the lives of our clients. If you or someone you love could benefit from our faith-based treatment approach, we would love to connect with you. To begin your journey to recovery, call Renaissance Ranch today at (801) 308-8898.